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Infrastructure Details

Infrastructures Details

1 Area of school campus  
(i) In Acres 2.75 Acres
(ii) In sq. mtrs. 8903 sq. mtrs.
(iii) Built up area (sq. mtrs.) 2303. mtrs.
(iv) Area of playground in sq. mtrs. 4729 sq. mtrs.
(v) Other facilities  
(b)  Swimming Pool Offsite as required
(c)  Indoor games Yes
(d)  Dance Rooms Yes
(e) Gymnasium No
(f)  Music Rooms Yes
(g) Canteen Facility Yes
(h)  Hostels No
(i) Health and Medical Checkup First Aid
2 Details of Academic Infrastructure:   
(i) No of Classroom and Size 17 and Size is 24 by 24
(ii) No of Smart Class 05
(iii) No of Library & No of Books  
(a) For Students 6800
(b) For Teachers 750
(iv) Details of The Science Laboratories in the school  
(a) Physics Lab Fully Equipped as per CBSE
(b) Chemistry Lab Fully Equipped as per CBSE
(c) Biology Lab Fully Equipped as per CBSE
(d) Computer Lab with No od Computer 01 Lab with 30 Computer
(e) Mathematics Lab YES
(f) Internet Facilities Railtel with 5 MBPS Unlimited
(g) Toilet Facilities  
  Boys 12
  Girls 9
  Staff 2
(h) Drinking Water Facilities  
  Ro Yes
  Water Taps 12
(i) Barrier Free access for the Physically challenged Students Yes
(j) Play and Sports Facilities Yes
(k) Staff Room for Junior and Senior Teachers Yes
3 Transport Facilities  
(i) Transport Safety Certificate  
(ii) No of owned School Buses (Big & Small) 08  
(iii)  No hired Bus Nil
(iv) No of VAN 01
(v) No. of Vehicles for Staff 01
(vi) Private Cars 01
(vii)  Staff/Transport Coordinator details Mr. Surender Kumar
(viii)  No of Drivers 08
4 Library facilities  
(i) Size of the Library in sq. feet 48 * 48 Sq. Ft.
(ii) No. of Periodicals 12
(iii)  No. of Dailies 05
(iv) No. of Reference books (I to IX)
(v) No. of Magazine 10
(vi) Others Books